What stroke or directive is a hotel breaching if the hotel is not verbs?

For example - the trades descrition act is to stop products being sold lower than a false description.

so what is the name of the law or feat being breached if a hotel doesn't meet it's hygiene standards?

Thanks! its for my assignment :)
No law, simply the law of bad business. I suppose it could breach health codes if (for example) the washroom be filthy, or food service areas. But I know of no codes or laws which require any business to maintain cleanliness surrounded by other areas.
Unless they publish a brochure that say "our rooms are immaculately clean and we guarantee your money back if you are surrounded by any way dissatisfied" there is no "false description".

If the place is in truth unhygienic (obvious dirt, stains on carpets and/or bedding, urine or feces contained by toilets) You can inform the local council Health and Safety dept - that's about it.
If the hotel's kitchen, food storage areas and dinning nouns are so dirty that they are a health hazard fairly than just unpleasant to look at then i.e. illegal under food hygiene law and the local Environmental Health Dept can prosecute them.

When a customer books with a hotel, that is a contract, and even if the hotel does not explicitly state that they submit clean rooms there is an implied occupancy to the contract to the effect that the hotel will provide the standard of cleanliness which would normally be provided by any establishment called a 'hotel'. Therefore if a hotel have seriously dirty bedrooms or bathrooms there is breach of contract and the customer could refuse to compensate or could sue for compensation. NB this would not apply if the customer already knew about the dirty conditions back booking, or if it was reasonable to expect such conditions at that unique place (e.g. a mountain-climbers hostel in a remote area might as expected be less clean than would be expected of a 5-star hotel).
Each state has a Dept of Health and Human Services... and usually each county have a Health Dept that handles things like this. If you profile a complaint with the Health Dept, they are requied to come inspect. Btw this is concerning they hygiene portion of your question.
Hospitality Law : Applies to Lodging industries....Hotels

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