How long does it hold for cannabis to bring back out of your system?

i smoke it and i should stop, as soon as im 18 im applying for the police, so anyone know?
Two weeks, but it remains within your hair (so cut it off after two weeks).
It depends on how much within in your system & your metabolism
THC has a 1/2 duration of anywhere from 1-3 days, & it can be detected at as little as 2 nanograms.
Assuming you don't smoke all day every hours of daylight, under month.
A maximum of 30 days or less, depending on how much and how often you smoke.
Cannabis is stored in your fat cell. It could still remain in your system months after the last time you used it.
on average 21 days should produce a clean result, but depending on usage this can show a positive audition results post 3 months of using . Source(s):

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