I am anyone continually bullied and worried at work my MD. What should I do subsequent?


Set of four heavy-duty, laminated full-color posters, 18 x 24 inches each. Reinforce push button messages and provide subjects for class discussion. These posters can be used by themselves or to accompany our set of Bullying activity books.
laptop Source(s): http://www.bullyingprogram.com/bullying-…
If you work for the MD in the region of all you can do is document every little incident, then sue. You could probably win if it is sexual or cultural harassment.

If you work for the clinic or hospital and the MD is just in that working and using your services, then go to your supervisor and complain. They will enjoy to investigate the issue and if they find it is true, they will talk to the doctor. Of course, that will require others to come forward and substantiate your claims so do not hold your breath.
Its my penetration that bullying is considered worse than sexual harrassment in other countries. Document and sue. I'll be glad when they pass that ruling in the US.
Buy a small personal tape recorder and inform the MD when you communicate that for your protection and his, you are going to record the conversation. :)
sue and get money... seriusly bring it up with a hr rep and get hold of a lawsuit going. you have the stuff to take it to court.

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