Work place threathening to dismiss me if I own 6 absents contained by one year, this legalized?

I currently work at Sainsburys and have had 3 absents so far this year. Because I own reached 3 absents, according to their policy, I have be booked in for a disciplinery. It also says 6 absents could connote possible dismissal, even if you have a doctors note and are in reality ill.

Surely the way Sainsburys button this certain situation is wrong and illegal?
Sounds approaching the US government.
yes it is legal. if the company only allows a abiding amount of absences and its stated in the member of staff hand book than yes they can let you be in motion after that number. even if they are excused absences. if they allow you i.e. if they allow you 10 missed days they do not care if you are sick basically want to stay home have a funeral or anything. those will be deducted from your allowance. it is the companys right.
This is impeccably legal and perfectly up to their company policy.

Unless you acquire diagnosed with something that qualifies as a officially recognized disability, you can be terminated for what the company feels is "excessive absence".

A doctor's note one and only works in school. In the solid world, that note is worth pretty much the paper that it's printed on. It's entirely up to company policy whether they want to extend the PRIVILEGE of excused absence to the employees. They are under no constraint to let you have any. But most businesses do allow for some non-attendance because they realistically know that everyone gets sick once in a while. It is up to them to agree on what is excessive though.

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