What to do if the settle biased against you?

what action you have to run
You take a lawyer and try to prove it.
Good luck.
In the Uk Judges are biased everyday especially towards black and ethnic minority people and everyone is carrying on like its OK. The same overnight case law is interpreted and applied differently to people. Look at how Article 8 is applied to Immigrants next to family in the UK. It is a recipe for bias and prejudice when I thought that applying the statute on equal basis is the sensible and legal article to do especially with the "Rule of Law" that we are all equal until that time the law. If you challenge it, you procure told that the Judge has JUDICIAL DISCRETION. If a Judge is biased against you in the UK, you are probably screwed up anyway because the subsequent Judge you go to would just adopt and see what the previous one stated. Except when the Judge is overturning a favourable Order of Judgement in your choose, then they'll always find another rubbish tenet to take away what you've already got.
Ask your lawyer to file a motion inhibiting the regard as being from your case. And state your factual basis thereat.
start praying i guess.
I was other led to understand that Judges hold to be impartial!

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