If i be to slouch in the region of my age on a mound share dealing explanation, what could transpire?

I am 16 and would like to own some shares I can cover all the funds as i could a short time ago link the shares account to my Halifax sandbank account. The maximum age is 18 - i want to do it now. I'm curious to what would come up to me if i where to lie roughly speaking my age.
They wouldn't open an account, simple as that. Once they put your National Insurance number surrounded by - which you WILL get asked for they would know how old you are.

The lone way you can trade under age is if you bring back a parent or guardian to open an account on your behalf within their name.
The maximum age is 18? Don't you mean minimum? If Max is 18 consequently you'd be good for 2 years. Anyway did you lie to the Halifax hill? I'm sure you gave them an age when you got the depiction and they would bust your lie since linking them gives access to check things resembling that. Anyway likely would just enjoy teh sharing deal cut off, although it's predictable a contract and you could likely get surrounded by trouble for fraud or perjury(not likely to bother doing it, but they COULD).

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