Is this a lawful business neighbour related?

for the last few years now i enjoy been having problems beside my neighbours. now its getting worse and i honsetly dont know what to do any more. things have gone so desperate that i was recently broken into. happily i have a double lock on my door but this might not stop people trying to bring back into my home. now i have call the police on the day of the robbery. i also rang the council but they be not helpful. they didnt even help me within getting a new lock. now i own trouble with my neighbours again. they are tthrwoing partes every night and the thud is driving me crazy. i have also have reported the resonance to the police and i have been contained by touch with the council and i have told them around this issue. they have done nothing around it but i have got legally recognized advice over this matter. according to the proposal that i got the council are in the wrong and something should be done more or less it. so if this is the case what is the next entry that i should do? the house that i am living in is a council house and i have reported adjectives the trouble i have been have of late to them but they have be no help. so my question is what do i do in a minute and how do i go for offical legal counsel. the previous legal advice i get was from a family friend
environmental heath ring em something like the noise
Keep a journal of everything. If the Council are failing to act then they are contained by breach of their Statutory Duty of Care. Tell them you are applying to the Magistrates' Court for a Noise Abatement Notice, that should shift them into taking action.
Well I wonder if you could ask the ethnic group friend since he knows the laws where on earth you live and ask him what to do. Video tapes are great, they are evidence the police can't dispute. I wonder if you took your story to the media, if they would abet you. Sometimes that works in America. It seems approaching you are doing the right things, reporting the crimes, and no one is helping. You need to report the police to the chief of police, and the council to whoever they answer to, I don't know who i.e.. Everyone answers to somebody, so you find out who their supervisor is. You also have to be careful, these relations are bullies and they could harm you, so be careful to protect yourself. I wonder if it wouldn't be smart to set a sledge hammer or a base ball bat practical your doors inside your house so you can protect yourself if someone breaks in while you are home. I don't know how you protect yourself when you are at school or walking Shep, I don't know what weaponry are legal for you to carry.
I sympathise with you. You appear to hold the neighbours from hell. Unfortunately the result you seek will take months to draw from.

So lets speed this up. Get in touch near your local councillor and get them onside. Get in touch next to your local neighbourhood watch and draw from them on side to. You should also get in touch beside your local areas police victims of crime campaign. You should make friends beside neighbourhood watch and invite them round to chat hold a coffee and a listen. You must bear in mind though that it is not within there perogative to say anything on your behalf, instead they are within as witness to prove in the event of a council or police enquiry that this nosiy commotion is at nuisance levels.

At duplicate time as doing all of this you need to start video recording your neighbours partying at all hours of the night from 11 pm onwards until the precipitate hours.If you have a young child pandemonium after 7 pm must be less than that before and at 11 pm din abatement legislation should come into place. I realise this is a lot of hard work, but you stipulation to produce a body of evidence. You should also keep a diary of when the party uproar starts and when it finishes. You should also note whether your neghbours noisy party spill out onto the street or your pathway. If you live in a block of flats than you will have to discreetly check whether the party have spilled out into the hallways and stairwells.

The street falls into the control of the police and alcohol drinking is barred on any public street, byway or road any where in England next to exceptions of pavement cafe restaurants during the day. If the police refuse to do anything surrounded by respect of this they are failing to provide a public service to protect life and property.

In the case of a block of flats I would be circumspect about seeking support from other neighbours instead you should do exactly the same for this kindly of property as for a terraced flat or house.

If someone's noisy party and alcohol or drug conduct happen to take place on your pathway its as pious as an infringement upon your rights for privacy and this is both a police and council matter.

The council should have a special department who will come out and calculate in decibels the noise that you own to tolerate and if they deem it is unreasonable, they have the powers to act upon it. Councils are not in somebody`s debt to rehouse nuisance neighbours.

If you have so far have no luck with the local authority because the girl at the enquiries desk appear disinterested tell her you are aware that the legislation is supportive of protecting the innocent from interfere with to there property, and person and that you not individual find the neighbours from hell a nuisance so do your local coucillors, neighbourhood and the police. Source(s): Historian Sociologist and Criminologist.

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