Responsible or not have any one ever be to court underneath the unsafe dogs work piece 3 the ruling is an ***?

does anyone understand how the dangerous dog achievement section 3 works.SO CONFUSED! be careful your dogs can be seized beneath the dangerous dog act subsection 1 and you will be charged under section 3.who passed this statute.they are guilty of the slaughter of family pets.The law is an ***.
And you're request for information is? It might help if you give a contact to where we can read the law that you're referring to. I would read out though, given that it's called the "dangerous dogs act" that it would just apply to dogs that are, well, dangerous.
The DDA may be poorly written and badly thought out; but it is simple contained by it's operation.

Certain specific breeds of dogs are prescribed. It is unlawful to breed, sell or buy one of these dogs. It is not unlawful to own one.
Whether a family pet or not.
However, if you own one of the dogs prescribed today; it must any be dead, almost dead or stuffed by immediately.

If still alive and kicking, then you have clearly any bought it or bred it and it must therefore be the product of illegality.

Kennth Baker, then Tory Home Secretary brought surrounded by the law, if you're interested.
. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
No "family circle pets" are under threat from this act and the statute is entirely sensible, enforceable and necessary.

The law is intended to protect innocent citizens (including dog owners) from breeds that are inherently vicious or are abused by anti social elements to be vicious. In both instances the dog is blameless, the owner is the culprit for owning a dog of a prearranged vicious breed, or abusing a dog to "train" it to be vicious.

This need for a vicious dog is usually an owners dysfunctional self-image, they feel weak, unsatisfactory, threatened, insignificant,unnoticed, a failure, without the identity of the dog. The dog , they believe, say things about them that they can't, and they use it to boost their ego.

Anti social dogs, like anti social inhabitants, are undesirable and in a law abiding, civilised World they enjoy no place. Source(s): Dog owner, and animal lover.
Victim of attack by dangerous owners dog.
Not if you don't turn a risky breed into a family pet in the first place.

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