UK: How would an Athiest grant a sworn nouns surrounded by a Court of Law?

Apart from the Oath, there is also a Affirmation -

"I do solemnly and sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall impart shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

Would this still be sworn upon a holy aim such as a Bible? Or would no object be used?
If you have religious beliefs you can ask to swear upon your finicky Holy Book. The Court has a supply of all the "normal" Holy Books, the Bible, Old Testament, Koran etc.

Otherwise you product an affirmation, which is not taken on any book or object. It is still regarded by the Court near the same seriousness as an oath upon an Holy Book.
They make a personal promise to tell the truth. The part of the evidence will be examined with cross examining so if they are caught out lying, then the court can bear action against them for perjury.
Whilst a person who is of a religious belief tell lies, then that will still be dealt near by the court in the same carriage. The atheist proclamation is as respected as a religious oath, and it is down to how strong your conscience is and good character. Trust me when I explain to you that criminals will lie to save their skin, even if devoutly religious, and this seem to be no problem to them, as if they are willing to break into a house and steal those persons possessions, injure, rape or murder, the little fact of telling lies surrounded by court is nothing to them.
As long as you swear to tell the truth, you do not enjoy to use a bible or any other book.
Tell the clerk of the court of your belief's before you give evidence, They will ask you to swear an oath something resembling.
"I swear that the evidence I give shall be the truth the whole truth and zilch but the truth".
Would this still be sworn upon a holy object such as a Bible? Or would no intention be used?

Use a copy of the Constitution. That is the basis of the court, not the Bible.
Using the Bible would indicate that you will tell the truth not singular to the court, but also before God. Source(s):…
I would only give an account the truth as an atheist,

Really does not matter to me I'm moral.

Edit - I base it upon the word of my kin & friends, they know I do not pull the wool over your eyes - so my culture
no bible is used fo an affirmation....
but, also one can swear on the koran or any other religious book....
as long as you connvince the court that you wish to tell the truth, thats adjectives that matters
I had Jury Se vice a few years ago, and as far as I can remember zilch is used for an Affirmation. For an Oath I understand that they have a supply of different religious text (Bible, Koran etc) so each person can select the Good Book of their own creed.

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