Door kicked contained by by ex. convey bill to him?

my ex kicked in my door and i phoned the police and they logged the complaint but i decided not to press charges. but immediately i need a new lock. Does my ex hold to pay considering it was him that did it? is near anyway i can make him pay for it? or am i going to be out of pocket for his arrangements? He told me he wont pay a penny.
You are responsible, it's your door. If you can sue him for the money, go for it, but in the pause, you are responsible since you didn't press charges.
Why are you not pressing charges? An ex KICKED IN THE DOOR. And, apparently, is not remorseful about it. Sounds dicey.

You can take him to small claims court. But small claims won't get you an writ of protection.
You could lay a complaint for criminal damages before your local magistrates' court, which might later be taken up by the CPS, as there is a general reluctance to allow individuals to prosecute on their own. The likelihood are that since the police wouldn't pursue it, they might decide not to go ahead next to it either. There must be more to this matter than you own told us.

Alternatively, you could take your ex to the small claims court. Keep all receipts for the work done. You nouns as though you would have a good prospect of recovering the cost of the hot lock and the costs of conducting the case from your ex if he kicked in the door lacking justification.
if you took him to a small claims court then they would make him recompense!

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