Which statute determines the penalty of not complying to plague out the Electoral Registration form?

I am an EU national living in the UK and have be sent reminders about registering to appear on the Electoral Register. (I moved into m new flat 6 months ago)

I hold lived in the UK for 3 years, but so far always manage not to appear on it, mainly because other people living next to me registered and just didn't mention me. I now live next to my partner, who is an EU national as well. He has be registered before and says he other received lots of party leaflets etc even though he couldn't and didn't want to vote.
I read on the form that it is the law to compress out the registration form and that we may be charged a fine if we don't.

So, first of all, I would like to know which regulation regulates the penalties and states that it is unlawful not to comply.

Second, it says that if I don't overrun in my nationality I will not appear on the ER. Is this a loop hole? Or will they hang on to harassing me?

Third, the form also asks for my former address. Can I just leave this paddock blank? What happens if I put in my former address and they find out that I haven't registered up to that time. Will they charge me for not having registered before?

How plausible is it that someone will actually come by my flat to force me to register?

Btw. I'm not interested in voting, applying for loans etc. as I don't plan of spending the rest of my go in this country.
I think that it comes below the following regulations, which could result in a prosecution at the magistrates' court. I have never hear of such a thing actually arranged. http://www.statutelaw.gov.uk/content.asp…

However, if you choose not to be on the ER, there could be trouble when it comes to opening a hill account or obtaining a loan, as specifically a major source of information.

I don't see overworked council officials making any of the strenuous hard work involved in chasing you up for details of your nationality or endorsement on any information about you to your previous constituency.
, IFF YOU LIVE IN THE U.K. you abide by our laws, it is the statute of the land that every Citizen
over the age of 18 years must comply,,ihave to and im 72 so why shouldent you!

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