Is the imperative administered by the rich and punishes the poor?

i have an essay on this subject and i'm having tangible trouble finding points because its my first time doing a long type of essay. leaving some tips and pointers would really help and be appreciated . thanx.
My aged law tutor told me this:

"The law treats everyone equally: neither the millionaire nor the pauper are permitted to sleep on a park bench or supplicate in the street". Source(s): I'm a lawyer
A couple of us be discussing only yesterday how very on the odd occasion some of the pop singers and other celebrities who are known to indulge within the taking of illegal drugs are ever prosecuted for their behaviour. Yet an workaday little person found in possession of sizeable quantity of proscribed drugs can expect to go to prison for a long stretch.

Similarly well dressed family are seldom stopped and searched as they go give or take a few their business, whereas scruffier people or people of guaranteed ethnic backgrounds tend to be stopped and searched surrounded by the street or in their vehicles.

Lay magistrates are supposed to represent a cross wedge of society, but in fact it is rugged for working class people to approach their employers and ask for time sour work to attend court. There is therefore a preponderance of people from the wealthier echelons of society on the bench.
yes as you would expect judges barristers and lawyers are adjectives middle class so it is biased to begin with, look up on cases on the internet theirs plenty where on earth the rich have got away beside things,
within the UK yes. The rich always seem to attain away either scot-free or beside very little punishment whilst the poor person who shoplifts to land some food just to survive is public enemy number 1.
You must determine your position on this issue and next argue for that position. It could be either side but more how you argue for your side.

For instance, attorneys and prosecutors and judges are knowledgeable and usually from wealthy as it is expensive for law university, particularly to get contained by a good school. Then the ones who commit crimes or the ones who are convicted of crimes are usually poor. Is that because the commit them or because they are the ones who are prosecuted or whom are found guilty.

Some say-so so. What do you think? Once you know, then you argue that point and administer reasons.

Legal argument is made by IRAC --- issue, rule, argument and conclusion for every issue. Then you conclude.

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