In the UK, is it officially recognized to turn up at a nightclub beside a chalice bottle of fragrance within your pocket?

Can you be arrested if they spot it, even if you tell them you will leave without delay? What is the problem with the fragrance bottle in the first place?
It is not illegal. Whether the club allows you within with it is entirely upto them.
It is without a flaw legal to take a cup bottle wherever you want. The nightclub, however, has the right to introduce anything rules it likes. So whilst you are not doing anything illegal, they hold every right to ask you to leave. Night club security cannot arrest you - lone police officers can arrest you - they can only not agree to you in if you have an item they see as going against their rules.
Its clearly legal to have a fragrance bottle contained by your possession. Nightclub security will not arrest you (citizens arrest power) for having this item unless you attempted to assault one of them beside it. Alternately if they have reasonable grounds to believe the bottle contained a fluid they suspect to be a controlled drug and that it maybe more than for your personal use. They could then detain you until Police arrive to investigate.

However a nightclub is not a public place it is private property. If the Door Team want that for some reason you present a risk to them, other customers or yourself they are perfectly entitled to impose sanctions entry providing any explanation they choose (obviously within reason ie not racist etc) Source(s): Law enforcement
This isn't in reality illegal, but the club could take the scenery that you might try to use it as a weapon and refuse you admittance.
There is zilch illegal, but the doormen have every right to impose sanctions you entry.

First of all a fragrance bottle could be lethal if used as a weapon, but it could also be used to squirrel away other substances in liquid form. Source(s): SIA licence.
No Source(s): Experiance It could be alcohol or a weapon. So it's legal to turn up, but may disqualify you from being tolerate in.
It could very well be viewed as a weapon. Spray it on yourself and leave the cup bottle at home bro.

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