How Do I Stop Harassment from Debt Recovery Agency?

My boyfriends son was caught shoplifting (says it wasn't him, but, who know?). Anyway, he was given an on-the-spot fine of lb8- he had no money so his details taken and sent on his merry instrument, saying he would be receiving the fine contained by the post.

Nothing was heard, no memorandum about the fine was sent. Approx a year subsequently, he received a phonecall from JB Debt Recovery, saying he owes lb130 (at the beginning) for it and they wanted someones edge details to pay it. I disputed it on his behalf and told them to send a breakdown of the debt and we would evaluate it. They agreed, nought was sent. They then started calling him adjectives the time, saying they were going to jump to his house. I called them back maxim they weren't getting a penny until we received the documents requested, offered to give them an email address to send it to but they refuse. They started to harass his mum, who in no disbelieving terms told them to get lost, I don't know if they are still on at her.

They hold now started to send my boyfriend course book messages and phoning him at work constantly. He has told them that the debt has nought to do with him (his son is now over 18) and they get aggressive with him on the telephone, stating they are going to dispatch someone round.

To be honest, everyone's a little fed up of it - we be never notified of the debt in the 1st place. JBDR hold never complied and sent a breakdown of the debt or a method of payment (apart from trying to strong arm anyone who talks to them roughly speaking it into paying it). I have contacted OFT about this, but, as it is a fine and not a debt built up by i.e not paying a bill, they said they cannot stroke.

Which body can be of assistance?
I don't know where you are, but within the UK a shop cannot "fine" anybody. Methinks there's a little more to this than you've been told.
the police - for harrassment. they would be the ones responsible for authorising and maintain collection of the fine so discuss it with them.

But it has nought to do with anyone except for him and the company should not be harrassing you or your boyfriend.
If he was under the age of 18 at the time the fine be given it is ILLEGAL - a fine cannot be imposed on a minor outside of court (the fine imposed in court will be expected to be paid by a parent/carer and NOT the minor) - if the police be not involved then refer the debt-collection agency back to where on earth they 'purchased' the details from. Inform the debt collection agency that they have been acting illegitimately and tell them not to contact you again! There is also the 6-year rule - if from the original 'debt' this have not been collected within 6 years it HAS TO BE WRITTEN OFF BY LAW! However, a debt (as I said) cannot be applied to a minor and CANNOT be rolled over until the minor is 18 any!

I also concur with others - you cannot be given an on the spot fine for shoplifting!

I missed tallying the ending - I suggest you either contact your local trading standards bureau and/or go to your local CAB - speak to your local councillor - also check whether these people are registered next to the law society or bodies associated with debt collection agencies. But if as you said OFT articulate it is a fine and not a debt then these people unless specifically registered to collect 'fines' should not be pursuing you - however, their lifestyle and the fact that fines are normally deal with by court-appointed bailiffs leads me to believe that this is a mis-sold debt!

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