If I share my internet nouns next to my flatmate can I be held adjectives for breach of copyright imperative?

I have been threatened near court action from a law firm. They enjoy evidence that their clients film was downloaded from my IP address. I did not download this bits and pieces but am sure my flatmate did. As it is my name on the bill am I responsible??
This sounds stupid. Pay $50 for a legalized opinion. You probably have to narrate them you share your connection. You should certainly not be held adjectives for what you did not do. Now maybe an attorney can help. You can walk to a different phone number and call anonymously to the cable company to see if they have any problem beside sharing your connectionl. My guess is its all in one and the same house, so its probably ok.
In the UK, yes, your name, your contract, your responsibility. Just thank God your flatmate didn't download horrific porn or indecent images of children.

However, breach of copyright is a civil offence surrounded by the UK for the most part and downloaders are rarely confronted unless they are repeat offender or frequent uploaders.

Your IP address is not likely to be static and registered to you personally, accordingly the copyright owners could only have gotten your address from your ISP, which they should not own given out. The current thinking on this area for proposed legislation is that copyright owners should complain to the ISP who would then caution and eventually disconnect you. Indeed under current law if an ISP give a private third party (like a law firm) your address they own broken the law.

There are scams going on surrounded by that sham businesses are trawling Facebook and similar accounts, matching that information to electoral rolls and other sources to find out addresses then trying to extort money by scheme based on all kind of scenarios, so if the 'law' firm suggests you pay a small settlement duty you know where you are likely to be.

First you should contact your ISP, surrounded by writing, demanding to know if they have given your address or other private information to the specific law firm that contacted you, consequently take it from there.

Also you obligation to consider that if the downloaded film was available on, voice, a lb15 DVD, it is unlikely the copyright holder would go to the trouble of actually suing you, currently their solely legal redress.

In general it is not advisable to allow anyone outside of instant family unsupervised use of your computer and internet connection.

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