Can a non U.S Citizen buy a gun within U.S.A?

Hi all. I am from South Africa. I was born in that and stayed there for 22 years. I have be living in America for 4 years now and am married to a US Citizen and enjoy 2 step kids ages 7 and 9. I have a green card valid for the next 10 years. I am looking to buy a SIG P226 handgun. I live within Virginia and ive been staying in VA for 2-3 years very soon. Planning on moving to PA in the next year or so. Anyway, I be wondering how i would go about buying a gun. Do i basically walk in the store near the cash, pay the man and donate or do i need a gun license and all that stuff.

About 2 years ago we stayed contained by Illinois and we where at a party where on earth some guy got mouthy and pushed me so we ended up getting contained by a fight. I was arrested for domestic sternness and taken to a holding cell where i saw a judge the following morning. I be released and appeared in court 2 weeks later where on earth all the charges where dropped. 2 years ago. Is that going to affect my gun purchase?

Thanks to adjectives who answer

Yes under federal law, you can purchase a handgun within the US if you are a green card holder and otherwise qualify. State laws vary and near are restrictions in some states for obtaining CCW and LTCs for non citizens. Va have no such restrictions, with a green card you can purchase a hangun. The domestic disturbance arrest will show upon the background. Approval is at the discretion of the approval authority.
Since this ask is in the UK & Ireland section, not sure if you will bring the answer you want. Just go to a local gunsmiths and ask them what ID you need to purchase a gun and if at hand are any restrictions.

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