Contract not what it promised?


I signed up for a continuing contract with a Martial Arts School, which does not begin until 2011. I signed this as they promised I would be taking my black belt contained by Dec and signed on the basis of this - but due to various circumstances I will not be taking my black belt at this time. Does this grant me grouds for cancelling the contract.

I have also discovered - they own no licience, no affiliations, no insurances and thay they have signed me up for a 'loan' ---- also rumours regarding the way of life of their insructors is something I do not wish to be associated with.

I enjoy received no terms and conditions and nothing else on the subject of this contract.

I am worried that I am now trapped - Any Advice?
Demand a copy of the contract complete with signatures. If they can't produce it, don't reward. If they do produce it, examine it to see what the terms are and if they fulfilled their part of the barter. If not, do not pay. If so, try to negotiate a settlement.
They can not have a permissible contract if they themselves are not compliant with the law. So, regardless of the content of the contract it is negated, this means no contract exists. if you are owed money then you sue them. I f they are expecting money from you don't compensate it and see if they sue you - which they wont. Simply do not have anything else to do with them - if you hold set up bank payments go to your sandbank and get them stopped.

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