Can an employer put in the picture other staff he is going to sack them until that time relating that perso?

3 people have be sacked and all the other staff know before they did about 4 days in the past is this right ?
If they can fire someone because they put on their facebook "work is boring"... They can do anything they want.. even fire you for questioning if they can do it. Source(s): Google , "Fired for facebook posts" The stories are hilarious.
Yes they can near impunity, they sometimes have to inform the shop floor to expect changes especially lower command. Although I've never been sacked i hold been paid past its sell-by date a few times, last time i was asked by another workmate what i be doing in work? ahm i work here! ahh no you don't nobody tell you, the boss salaried you off this morning! big laugh, big quip i just lost my job and assholes presume it's friday fun time.
Yes they can. I don't agree near it. But they can do that. Source(s): You mean SHOULD he? Answer NO he's a bastard. Can he? He did.
can they? yes, as you would expect, but SHOULD they? absolutely not because it shows un-professionalism
Sure, it may not be a professional thing to do, but no law against it
It's rude and impolitic, but an employer can do whatever they want in America.
It is unprofessional and you could email head department and complain. Source(s): politics of the work place

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