Laminate flooring law surrounded by flats contained by scotland?

I have recently rented a flat surrounded by Glasgow which i love but my upstairs neighbour seems to have laminate flooring covering his adjectives flat, for the first month i moved in at least twice a daylight it felt like i be living under a nightclub, my neighbour upstairs claims to be a music producer and would play music for hours at a time through a sound system that most nightclub would envy, after talking to my neighbour a few times resolved nothing i phoned the police who come and spoke to him and his girlfriend and now the music is kept to the weekends (although last sit it went on untill 7am) however at 26 i understand that relations have partys etc and play music but these two wake me up every year banging about upstairs shouting through rooms even hoovering sounds close to it's someone in my flat.

In a nutshell they're making my life misreble and turning what be a great flat into my own little mental breakdown there must be laws for this because to be rather frank i've been charged with assault twice surrounded by my early twenties and now try and live a hush life but he is pushing me to my limit and i can have a feeling myself starting to crack someone please advise
You've have it pal. Just move out. Or fight a time of war of atricion. The laws in Scotland about this are a joke.
Find some where on earth else to live man. No one should put up with this. If you both rent your flats find out who the landlord is for his flat and verbalize to his landlord.

I'm amzaed the cops even came round, most of them don't make a contribution a f**k and don't even leave the station when they get a complaint! Source(s): Life experance!
Scotland has much tougher environmental condition laws than England. You should contact the local council environmental health department who will transport the 'noise police' round to your flat to measure the noise. If it is beyond strict boundaries, your neighbour will be issued with a warning thought. If the noise continues, he will get an ASBO, and his equipment will be confiscated.

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