Dwp say-so i owe 158 pound presently from eleven years ago hold they get any right?

i haven't heard from dwp about this beforehand now elevn years later they claim i owe them 156pound for a double clearance should i have to pay it or should they hold asked me for it at least five years ago?
Ask them for proof, contained by writing of this. When they send it, go to the Citizens Advice Bureau, as I am not sure whether near is any statute of limitation on money owing to the government.
Interesting, contained by the bold part of your question you read out lb158 the you say lb156, contradiction in not honourable as it leads me to believe your question is false.

That said, to use it as an example, I would read aloud the following:

First, anyone, and the UK Government is not exempt from this has to prove that the money is owed before they can institute goings-on for recovery.

First of all you inevitability them to supply proof of the debt, this could actually be very concrete, as Government Departments have something called Due Dates of Destruction, and after a positive number of years all relevant paperwork is destroyed, I will come back to this point subsequent.

Second, you are saying the payment be from 15 years ago, the reality here is that very little legislation is retrospective so they can just recover the overpayment by applying the rules relating to the payment that be in place in 1995, this would give support to you in this case.

The rules contained by 1995 would have been any those relevant to the Social Security Acts or the Unemployment Benefit Acts, the rules on JSA did not come into force until some years later.

Back in 1995 the rules at the time be simple, Overpayment in Fact, you pay, Overpayment within Law, they have to right it off, the former be that they could prove you gave incorrect information, such as you cashed a giro, but then claimed you have not received it. The latter (Overpayment in Law) referred to official error, and these the Department have a policy of writing to the person and asking for the money, if they paid, fine, if they did not income or contested it, it was immediately written stale.

They cannot use any legislation, rules or regulation, to recover this money that took effect after the incorrect payment occur. So asking them what regulations they are using to attempt recovery could be very interesting, as any quote of Jobcentreplus or DWP policy translation be challenged, so can any use of legislation after 1995.

Now, and I have personal acquaintance here, back to the due dates of destruction. I know that most claim papers relating to Unemployment Benefit and Social Security at that time be normally destroyed no more than three years after the date the claim was closed, the sanctioned destruction dates on the computer print outs and records be five years, so I doubt any paperwork still exists, although there are exceptions, these may include, paperwork relating to fraudulent claims, paperwork in relation to rates office enquiries, paperwork relevant court cases and prosecutions.

That said with the introduction of Jobcentreplus adjectives records were sent to Central Storage after six months, so it seem unlikely even those would have survived.

To be honest, I cannot see how this 'overpayment' would have survived on report for fifteen years, and certainly it would not be enforceable after all this time. That said I would not humiliate such a letter, but writing and asking for proof of the overpayment may result in some interesting answers.

Please write down, the Tax Office and the National Insurance Office have very different rules, they can dance back as far as they want, and are obliged below their set of legislation to keep records for the lifetime of the human being. Source(s): Direct involvement in such matters. Enough said.
Unfortunately I bet they do..... governments nearly other put a 'except us' clause in limitations statutes etc. That said I agree with previous answer, ask the buggers (in writing) for proof, probably be another 11 years beforehand they answer.

Nice to know my tax money is being powerfully spent, it's probably already cost 200 quid to chase you for a 158 pound 'debt' , and I dare say another 200 for them to prove it. Source(s): At my age nothing surprises me any more.
You are still breathing, you have blood, they will grasp it.

Query more deeply what it is for, but it could be right.

In 1999 they phoned me and asked when I had come final into the country, as they had me leaving within 1975.

24 years, mine would have been the contrasting, they would have owed me, however the same principle works?
Your best bet is to, ask them for proof, later go to Citizens Advice Bureau, to query more or less this random claim, and look into the legal activities, and to see if they can just pull it out from 11 years ago.

Because i know within are some laws that if the council do not see or spot a house that has be built without permission after so plentiful years that person can keep the house..

So i'm hoping it might be simular for you contained by this case.
Need a bit more information, but if you do hold to pay make sure its on your expressions ie lb2 per fortnight!!

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Yes they hold. Any Government department in the UK have the permitted right to recover money no matter how long ago. A neighbour of mine is mortal taken to court for CSA payments of 20k owed from 15 years ago.
The Government make the laws.
Get them to distribute you the proof of the overpayment.
They most certainly can claim any overpayment back, even from 11 years ago.

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