I go shopping to asdas next to my pregnant 9 month girlfriend?

i went shopping with my 9 month pregnant girlfriend spend lb40.00.
at the cheak out my girlfriend be feeling the strain and wanted to sit down she put her handbag
at the finish off of the trolly, not noticing she was covering the chicken. i be putting the stuff through the cheak out not noticing the chicken under her handbag, i remunerated went to walk out and the alarm go off! wondering what that was adjectives about the security man be cheaking my shopping and notice the chicken, we were incredibly emmbarrassed of this mistake. he said we have 2 options, that he would appointment the police or one of us can be banned from the store! we repeated told him, that it was a simple mistake, but he have to carry on with one of the proceedings, i said fine bann me from the store and not my girlfriend.
he took my details and that be that!!
but about a week later i recieved a memo through the post from the solicters saying i have to pay cheque lb150.00 for what happen at asdas... which is out of order we hold just had our little boy and the stress for money at the momment. what can i do to appeal this event, the man did not say anything bout a fine from the solicters, he said ill newly be banned!
well go to come first office of asda tell them you be not given an option either to shift back and buy the chicken and was threatened next to being banned or the police phoned relate them that it was a mistake so you can get that financial guarantee guards *** sacked Source(s): its happend to me but i said fetch the police lol
You should have called the police your self near and then to sort out your problem.
Now that it's all over you should walk to the security officer at Asda and tell him " why did I bring a fine?" If that dosen't work then just explain to Asda themselves. (or talk to a manager at the Asda you where on earth at.) Source(s): Self Thinking.
Irrespective of what you did, they can cart their lb150 and shove it up a chicken.

Why don't you send them a bill for lb151 for inconvenience?

They have no entitlement to fine you, or bill you or emergency money from you. Write to their crappy solicitors, tell them you have no intention of paying the lb150 or any sector of it and if they write again, you will report them to the police under the Prevention of Harassment Act.

Cheeky baskets!

edit; the previous answer is right contained by that they do try to charge this 'administrative cost' but they will never recover it from a county court or anyone else so it's an empty threat. Source(s): I'm a legal representative
If it's a company called Retail Loss Prevention after you do not have to pay it. They hold as much right to the money as I do. You wouldn't think about giving me lb150 if I wrote and demanded it - you'd probably purely laugh and throw the letter away. Do duplicate to them.
The 150 is an administrative cost which most stores are now notable on shoplifters who they do not take to court.

If you don't pay it next Asda will be well within their rights to thieve the claim to the county court or alternatively contact the police and have you charged with nouns.

Whether you did or did not mean to steal the chicken or whatever is upto you to after prove.
Shops own no legal right to fine anyone or to ask for personal information unless you're setting up a credit agreement or have to prove ID for a cheque or debit card. You should enjoy told them nothing other than to telephone call the police or take the money for the chicken otherwise get out of my road. Just because a shop says so doesn't mean it's legitimate. Screw the letter for the money into a ball and chuck it into a bin, basically ignore it. If they get objectionable tell them to take you to court for a 4 quid chicken!
I don't think you can appeal as Asda has a strict policy.
Go to the Citizen's Advice Bureau and get free legal suggestion. As someone said previously, a shop does not have a legal right to palm off a fine on you. They are NOT the law of the land or the criminal equality system in this country, they are just one of masses retailers. So do not pay anything!

But next time, be more punctilious when you are at the checkout in a store. I know it's an easy entity to do, I walked out with a rag under my arm once at Morrisons and forgot to pay for it by happenstance LOL. But be more careful and just live and revise. PS I hope your baby is doing well.....

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