Prosecutor? really stupid query :P?

we're doing a mock trial in my lit class, and reinacting famous trials. my group is doing sacco and vanzetti, and i'm going to be 1 of 2 prosecutors. i'm reading through the intact trial transcript, and there are a bunch of different people discussion and answering questions..........sooo...i should be picking one set of 2 people (one personality asking, one answering) and use that for the mock trial right? like, i would be asking questions, and someone else surrounded by my group would be answering them?

again, i apologize for such a stupid question
The prosecutor is a lawyer representing the parliament, whose job is to enforce the law. The prosecutor asks the witnesses question to try to prove that person X is guilty of the crime. They present evidence, and ask questions of the witnesses to show that the evidence is solid evidence from the crime scene. There are also defense attorneys, who work for person X to try to ask the right questions to show that they are innocent.

In the mock trials I enjoy seen, there are prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses, and a authority. You pretty much need this whole troop to show how a trial works.
Apology accepted.

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