Does the human rights exploit 1998 apply to a monkey put on trial?

does the human rights act 1998 apply to a monkey put on trial? or does the monkey only go and get the animal rights act??
I haven't hear of monkeys being tried since people contained by the North East of England tried and executed some as spies during the Napoleonic Wars.
Once non human sentients like aliens, AI's and uplifted animals com around, you will necessitate a new law, something along the lines of rights for sentients.

coz human rights law only apply to humans

although if you're advanced enough to breed AI's and uplifts, most likely there will also be heavily bioengineered humans which will be complex to distinguish from uplifted animals
The Human Rights Act applies to Humans. Clue is in the title. It consequently does not apply to monkeys. And before you post lots more question similar to this asking if the Human Rights Act is applicable to a herring, or an acacia bush, or a puff adder, etc, etc, perhaps you can answer me a question - why on Earth is a monkey anyone put on a trial in the first place?
The Answer is contained by the question.

It isn't Human.

And Animals don't have Rights, unless they argue otherwise.
The only right the monkey has is those given to him through the animals right exploit, if the animal was use in a crime and someone died the the animal can be put to loss, bar the Animal right activist.

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