If I record a grievance against my boss near HR, should he be allowed to see it?

should and would
and yyou can expect him to possibly fire you
try talking to them approaching an adult instead of running to hr
most problems dont need hr
what result do you want?

HR work for the company directors, not for the employees. It is a misconception that HR are on our side.

If you work for a private company and profile a grievance you will probably leave the company, your reference when you look for another assignment may hint at it. If you work for a large company or public sector, articulate to the union.
Of course.

How could anyone defend themselves against false claims unless they can read and respond to the claim?

~Dr. B.~
Yes. It is one of the laws of inbred justice -- "audi alteram partem" -- hear what the other side has to vote about it. He will have to know what you own said to give his side of the story.
He has to because he have a right to defend himself. It is the same next to you if you have a complaint you have to know the exact quality of the complaint otherwise how can you defend yourself
yes, he have right to know about complaint after completion of investigation.

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