How do you sue the council?

whilst playing an organised football matched on a city council football pitched (of very bad condition) my brother go to header the ball and ended up breaking his ankle and spent a week within hospital having to have an operation involving a plate and 7 screw being inserted into his ankle permanently. does he enjoy grounds to sue the council and if so how would we go about this?
If the field was owned by the council, conceivably. Especially if a fee was rewarded to use the field.
Talk to a lawyer. Sounds similar to you may have a case, if you can prove that it be the fault of the poorly maintained pasture.
If you do sue the council, they will close the football pitch, denying others of the facility. Either that or they will spend taxpayers money repairing it, which would imply cost cutting elsewhere.

These sorts of injury are common from playing football, and I doubt you could prove the condition of the pitch be to blame. has help on how to wallet a civila lawsuit, class action lawsuit, and how to file a lawsuit or sue someone. Source(s):
He would have to prove negligence on the part of the Council which is difficult. Councils insurance companies hold the best top lawyers so your Brother is fighting a losing fighting trying to sue them.
He cannot sue as he have the choice to play on that pitch or not. he could have chosen not to play. Source(s): common sense
Sue for what exactly?
Being a prat? - sorry i.e. his own fault.

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