Missives Concluded - No Mortgage?

Looking for a bit of advice:
I reserved a new build property, get a solicitor as I was told to by my broker - although we did not have a mortgage surrounded by place as yet. The solictor advised the broker that he would verbs the missives, subject to the mortgage application...although, this was not the case, our solicitor have put through the missives and now we have be rejected for a mortgage!
How bad is this??
Just received a letter advise that we are liable for any remarketing of the property etc...as this was a fault of the solicitor can we sue them to clear for all of this??
Should not be that bad - if the missives enjoy been concluded subject to mortgage being successfully obtain on terms acceptable to you, you will be capable of withdraw without cost.

However, if the developer has refused to adopt your offer conditional on the mortgage being obtain, you will be normally liable for interest from the date of the property being made available for settlement until it is resold plus the ancillary costs such as marketing.

If your solicitor have not obtained your agreement to make an give unqualified by the requirement for a mortgage, this would be a difficulty for the solicitor. However, are you sure this was not discussed with you?

The best entry to do is ask to have a chat with your solicitor - if near is a problem, they may be able to sort it out. Before you start talking more or less suing, ask them for a clear explanation of what has been done and their explanation of why you enjoy been placed in this position. If you aren't thrilled with the response, ask to talk to the complaints partner and hold a response in writing.

It is only after this that you will be capable of understand whether your solicitor has unobserved your instructions. If they have, you will have a claim against them.

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