Is a big company allowed to form their own rules?

OK, there is this huge company - I won't name names- that heaps lives depend on it. Many people trade with this company and their monthly income depends on it . This company make it's own rules which are in many cases incredibly harsh, arbitrary and unfair, and they hurt the associates trading with it. Many many associates have been scantily affected by these rules, but because they are not employees they are not really protected.
The problem is that this huge company does not hold competition so, the people have no choice but to work next to it even thought they are treated very badly by this company.
What can they do ? This is not an curious case, it's a real company and it affects thousands of lives. Please serve
Even where firms verbs of the country they are operating in they can get away iwth it as they enjoy such a lot of ecomonic influence and people can be worried to testify. Even if they do testify and teh company are convicted many penalties are so low the company can respect them as normal operating costs. The fate of most whistle blowers is not moral.

this is why people need to fuse a trade union - it is only collective management that can protect teh work force as history has shown.
Your examine is so general as to be almost unanswerable.
The law prescribes masses things and may regulate certain business practises. But (subject to compliance with the law) the company can agreement with suppliers on such terms as it think fit and the suppliers agree to.
The law does not - as a rule - intervene to promote general notions of 'fairness' within dealings or undo a desperate bargain.
Nor is the law hideously interested in intervening to promote the welfare of traders and suppliers: they can look after themselves.
As a legal entity the company (and indeed the suppliers) can work as 'badly' and 'unfairly' as they want as long as they do so within the framework of the law, and that includes - obviously - Trading Standards. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
As long as this company operates inside industry and Federal guidelines and regulations, anything above and beyond that which the company decides to institute is fair hobby. That not to say the company's practices and protocols square with MORAL or HUMANISTIC issues. There is a difference between doing the LEGAL piece and the RIGHT thing.

A full customer boycott MIGHT change things or a class achievement lawsuit might be in order.
Certainly they can make their own rules. If those rules contravene canon, they can be sued/charged etc. otherwise, they can do what they want, and you can choose to trade with them or not.

Since we have no concept what type of 'rules' you refer to, we can't say if these specific rules are valid.
And just how on earth is anyone designed to answer this when you have given NO details about what these things are that this "company" does?

If the company is acting "in legal limits" then what exactly is the problem?
Well you obligation to be more specific in how they are treating people. To an extent companies can do what they want, so unless they are breaking any law there's nothing you can do. You can submit a claim to the Better Business Bureau.

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