Am I entitled to see my dads will?

My dad died 3 weeks ago and I would like to see his will but his solicitor says she wants the permission of the executor before I can see it
The solicitor is correct BUT the execuror is to provide all beneficiaries beside a copy of the will. He/she is also to provide a complete accounting of the assets before the beneficiaries are asked to sign off.ā€¦
well yes the solicitor is recounting you the truth, but why you have not been shown your father will is strange
the will is normally read out or given out to the family at the time of the funeral
so why don't you contact the Executor and ask him/her why the rescheduling Source(s): my head
You'll obligation your own solicitor. You should be able to view it anything the executor says.
it depends, be you his next of kin?
i would of thought you would be the first to be honest i mean your his son
i would speak to her and enunciate i demand to see it, he is my father.
you have every right to
She's right. I hope you guys are on well brought-up terms.

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