Is putting a blockade on your own property considered a trespass if its covering my neighbor's sunlight?

As long as the fence is inside your own property and of the required height, it will not be considered a trespass. There was a grounds for low fencing in gardens, which was that they do consent to in the sunlight. Unfortunately many neighbours in a minute which to enclose themselves for privacy reasons. I see both sides of this "debate".
Not trespass.

From a UK gardening website:

If the light in your garden have been blocked by a neighbour's trees or fence, you are not sufficiently expert to force them to do anything as there are no laws covering this.

However if those trees or barricade are blocking light from a window contained by your house or even for a green house you can acquire the right to light with the sustain of your local council.

If you have enjoyed a reliable level of light for 20 uninterrupted years the law states that it is reasonable for your to expect the same horizontal of light and you can take act.

It is also worth checking your deeds to see if they contain a covenant stating that your neighbour must not block your light. Source(s):…
i think youare in USA by your spelling NEIGHBOUR. In UK thee is a right to frothy but it is fairly complex.
if you are in the States may i suggest thatyou step to the bottom of the page and press the US Flag
then about partially way up yo may see ALL ENGLISH QUESTIONS or UK & IiRELAND QUESTIONS. Ifyoupress that tab you will get to USA question which Ithink are what you want. Please forgive me if I am being rude
There is a doctrine set as 'ancient lights' whereby any window that has existed for 20 years, have a right to light. If you block off that standard lamp with a fence on your own lands, then you are infringing that right, and they could sue.

There might also be planning restrictions on building a fence beyond a faultless height, if you live in a conservation nouns.
No, it's not trespass.

It may contravene local laws if it is of sufficient rank to materially affect your neighbor's property.

But it is not a trespass. Source(s): I'm a lawyer
Well, we have neighbours who built an extension, which designed making our garden and living room a tunnel. We appealed for a rethink and the local council approved and found our claim petty. Your neighbours don't own the sunlight. I would sy it will be fine but it depends what area.
No, but your local council will likely own laws concerning fence size and location to address that issue.

You may entail planning permission before building.
The Right to Light is not considered feasible by the Courts today and it would cost them thousands to sue you. Check with your local Council, but most allow a fence of 6 foot and you don't necessitate planning permission.
In America, it has to follow the zoning laws which usually have taken that into consideration.
Fences are usually 6 ft or shorter.
No, how can your neighbor own sunlight.

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