Why must trial be public? what would the consequence be if they weren't?

The prosecutor is prosecuting and the judge is sentencing on behalf of society as whole.
The singular Justice is surely open justice.
Trials aft closed doors are symptomatic of show trials.
A bad judge could preside over an undue trial.

Openness and publicness of proceedings ensures anybody can go and witness, and thrill themselves that justice is being done properly. Behind closed doors, anything could take place and nobody would ever know.
Trial must be public because it has to show all race that the prosecuting process is being done fairly and indiscriminately. If a trial be held in secret, the pass judgment might do whatever it wants, any unfairly granting favour to the creature being tried or deliberately sentence against him minus any reasonable evidence. Therefore, there wishes to be that crowd that is attending, observing, and making sure if the trial is self carried out in a fair and appropriate bearing.

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