What time contained by the evening do you own to stop making work related hum?

I was recently adjectives stone slabs outside with an angle grinder at 7.45pm , planning to finish at 8.00. A neighbour complained claiming that it was unjust for me to work past 6.30 and make a loud rumble on a weekday and saturday and that he was going to serve me with a hullabaloo abatement notice. He also claimed that it was immoral for me to make any noise at adjectives at any time on a sunday or bank holiday . Is he correct?
Most city commotion ordinances say nil past 10:00 pm or 11:00 pm. Not for sure on that. Call your local police department. They will be able to relate you.
No, what he told you is not true.

Tell the noise Nazi to run ahead and get his noise abatement decree.

11pm for private residents but construction companies can get permission to work adjectives through the night. If you've ever lived within partially a mile of a railway line you'll know what night-time track grinding or guiderail replacement sounds like and how long it takes.
Most Cities state that loud noise after 11pm is explanation for a noise abatement. Call your local police department and ask them about the times. If it is after that than 7:45pm, then file a complaint for discrimination on your neighbor.
Hope this helps

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