Picture copyright grill?

I was at my student union second night and got my picture taken next to some friends. The union upload the pictures on facebook. I spotted the picutre of us together and quite similar to it so I want to set it as my profile picture on facebook. The reason I am hesitant is because at the bottom of the picture it say "RGU union" and then 2 websites listed within the bottom right, obviously the photographers website. Do these mean that I cannot use the picture as my profile pic, because of copyright or anything? I saved the image to my workstation and tryed to crop it and upload it, but its now my profile pic and for some reason the websites and "RGU union" are still on it. What should I do? Should I delete them or is it ok?
I do not know the canon in the UK, but here in the US, the photographer fast gains a copyright the minute the picture is taken. The previous poster is wrong by stating that just because you are surrounded by the picture, you are allowed to use it. That is not true. You do not "own" the image. The photographer does. It is considered the photographer's work.

if you took the photo there is no copyright infringement: But if you upload someone else's photo from another site this is against the copyright tenet because you have not got consent to use the image(s).
I'd drop an email to doesn`t matter what website/photographer took them. 1 asking if you can and two stating that if you can't you'd like the pictures removing as you didn't give go-ahead for images of you to be published - as far as i'm aware you need green light to take pictures of people nowdays??!
I can't see them man so pathetic they'd refuse you use of them as a profile picture so long as you I don`t know leave the link to their page on it
NO, you cannot use the imitation. It does not belong to you either physically or in copyright.

The copyright rests next to the photographer (or his/her company) ONLY they are allowed to display, amend, sell etc that image.

If you do so you are breaking copyright canon.

Levi Batchelor - rubbish, in this instance a release is NOT required and they certainly would enjoy a case if the OP used the image.
The means of access FB works you should be able to link to the photo, crop it contained by FB and use it as your profile picture.

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