Bullying - Is this bullying within the workplace? I apologise for the long cross-question.?

I work in a factory. I go within, get on with my work and so on. There is another woman( I'll phone call her "Z") who works there doing the same available job as I do. (She gets work from 56 embroidery heads and I from 52. Not much or a difference, contained by fact it is on average 12 garments an hour.)

When she gets stressed she deed up and has in times past accused me of being a inefficient cow and of not pulling my weight. That is just what she say to my face. She and her clique talk going on for me behind my back, snickering and self childish and rather stupid. She's in her fifties and however is behaving like an silly spoilt brat youth. She should know better.

I know that this seems trivial, but I am not the only human being she has done this to. She has done it to two other women, both own left, one to another Job the other retired. They also ignored her and get on with their jobs. They used to assist her, but got fed up of her attitude and gone her to it. (Letting her hang as she grows.)

At the start of the year a new woman started (I'll send for her "K",) also a trimmer. She had only 16 head and some sealing to do so she usually came and give the other woman a hand. She also took some of my smaller boxes of work over to her own table to do. Anyway, everything was barely audible for a while although "K" told me that "Z" had said to her that "WE don't talk to HER!" trying to bring and bully her into following her lead.

"K" has a famine of confidence and despite getting on alright with me I think she may stumble under the influence of "Z" "Z" hasn't being doing overtime for a few weeks so when "K" and I come in early if "K" work be clear she'd do some of "Z" till there was work set for her at her own station. However, one day this week "K" decided to minister to me and took some of my work over to her station and did it there. After "Z" came contained by and "K" had cleared her work station she , "K" came over and started to support "Z". HOWEVER, one of "Zs" clique had told her that "K" had given ME a mitt and that bloody B!TCH told poor "K" that she was two faced. "K" be upset and was upset and didn't move from her own work station for the rest of the day. "Z" give her the cold shoulder. When I found out what had happened I checked that "K" be okay. "K" was afraid to tell me what have happened because she felt that "Z'" "friends" be watching her.

Just before finishing time I went over to communicate "K" that I had heard what "Z" have done when "Z came over and said with computer-generated concern and a smirk on her face "ARE you okay "K"? I walked away and vent my spleen by describing a friend what that sleekit ! had done to "K" I was angry.

The subsequent day when I came within I couldn't see "K" and thought that she'd been so upset that she'd taken a sick day. BUT, 5 minutes subsequently "K" came in from have a smoke and "Z" was with her acting adjectives friendly. When I went over to "K's" table to say accurate morning she wouldn't look at me. She talked to me, but she couldn't look at me.

To me, this is bullying, not jut of me, but of "K" who hasn't the confidence to stand up to "Z" and her cronies.

Am I right and what can I do about it? I am no upright at verbalising things. The male supervisor thinks it's purely women being stupid. He's younger than us all. I'm 44. "K" is 49 and "Z" is surrounded by her 50's.

Thank you for answering.
first I am sorry and apologize for the confrontation that you are currently confronted with. Work place issues are difficult because work is something we all "have" to do - it would be nice if general public left "that" stuff at home. Short point here first (and by simple observation by your description) "Z" is not glowing at home either and bringing it all to the place of work to "share" beside her colleagues (mates). Well, you seem like a horizontal headed person - regardless of what go on the floor of work continue to be happy next to the person you are and maintain your consistency of guise (this is sometimes hard to do given the description you have posted) - truth is Helmaron - rubbish never changes and rising above it all (as you have) is the simply thing you can do, the only article you should do and thereby being true to yourself first.

Easy for me to sit here and postulate this point; however, "time" is the great equalizer and as you stated above:

"They used to help her, but get fed up of her attitude and left her to it. (Letting her swing as she grows.)"

Helmaron - you already know the answer as to what YOU should do. "Stiff Upper Lip" first, the matter with the floor Manager/Supervisor is a different event. I guess from where I sit I would ask myself how concerned he is about morale contained by terms of work productivity. He likely have to keep numbers on the sheet effective for those above him. If I sit and pondered this would determine my next move if in certainty he was concerned about "productivity numbers" - those numbers that postively affect the bottom string in a free market and capitalist society. Profit grows better when workers are ecstatic - I get the sense however, that he may be the "slug" - in that at hand is "nothing wrong" and the train just rolls as it other has. He may surprise you however IF several of you approach him and discuss this in a non moving fashion. Ponder if you will....I am available off string as well if need be as you know to discuss via email at your pastime for potential opportunities for the betterment of your work environment. I am not familiar near British Employer/Employee Laws and Regulations - common sense rules always apply first next to me regardless of Laws.

Best of Luck!

Gerry D. :)
What you are describing is actually bullying. Gangling up on you and manipulating others surrounded by the workplace against you is also bullying and something else which I can't remember. There are actually particular words for adjectives this, legal terminology to decribe these travels and thus make them identifiable and punishable within the workplace.

HOWEVER: All this depends on which country you're working surrounded by. Laws differ and some countries, like Engalnd, take bullying extremely seriously.

As a matter of fact, within a system that works like it's supposed to, and in companies that fit tightly to the laws of the country, your manager should be responsible to whip in your concerns and then rob action (with his superiors) so as to bring the situation to an amicable solution for all party concerned. Usually it starts with him/her taking notes on your grievances, discussing near superiors, then returning to talk further to you and later talking to the bully in ask, with or without your presence (you should own a say in whether you want to be present contained by such a discussion or not). The idea is to find some kind of resolution between you and your Mrs Z. so that you don't hold to proceed with filing administrator grievances for colleagueal abuse with the company, which will cost them money, time and discouraging reputation. Bear in mind that such proceedings, when they are officiallly filed, usually work to the disadvantage of the company, your Mrs. Z, as very well as yours.

I would adivse the following:
First, start tkaing detailed notes of any and every incident, with incident date and precise statements as to what was said, who was present during an discourteous situation, other witnesses that might support your claims etc.
Second, refrain from talkin to your colleagues about the name-calling you are suffering, becuase you run the risk of beign acused of the same thing you are accusing Mrs. Z of; that is to say, that she is manipulating others to form a clique against you (including Mrs. K).
Third, talk to your alliance representative. IF you are not in a union, find one that can represent you adn sign up. Usually they will enjoy a representative for your geographical area. Call this person and confidentially explain adjectives that is going on for you (wth details of the stuff you have already taken down contained by your notes). They will then probably advise your to speak to your supervisor; unclothed in mind that your supervisor might not be the person to address to, you may have to go above him to your mediator (your supervisor should be able to advise you on who best to natter to about this, even if he is not willing to filch your concerns seriously). IF nothing comes of talking near supervisor/manager, then your representative will intervene and perhaps steal matters to court. they shoudl help you adjectives the way through this experience, giving you legal and procedural warning. ALL THIS IF YOU ARE WORKING IN A SYSTEM THAT WORKS WELL!
If you are not, then I really have no concept what to suggest, other than to continue to articulate to your supervisor stressing how this is affecting your productivity at work and your general emotional vigour in the workplace, hoping that he will eventually take interest and do something about it.

Hav eyou tried actually chitchat to this woman Mrs. Z and confronting her with what her problem is with you? It may in recent times be a misunderstanding? I know how awful this behaviour can feel, I hold been there and sometimes it feel like there's nothing you can do. But if you consent to it go on for too long, you will be the loser, with discouraging nerves and bad emotional strength, leading to bad physical strength. Not to mention the effect on your self-confidence and pride. Sometimes these people need you to stand up to them, confront them and consequently they show themselves to be the scared, prejudiced and bitter little people that they really are (in any overnight case, no self-confident, content and satisfied individual would ever behave surrounded by the way you have desribed her). You own to fight bullies, or they get worse.

Then again, if you consistency you can't, just try to find another job, where on earth you will be happier. Also, have a look at what you might be doing that is agrevating this woman. We usually own a part in this total thing ourselves and we don't know it until we start looking. I don't know if this is part of your story or not, as I don't know you.

Well, best of luck to you and if you approaching, let us know what happened when things resolve. Source(s): Experience of self bullied in the workplace.

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