Do you agree beside abortion?

not that im pregnant lol :) just wondered cos im a troll.
human abortion?
This is a long, long reply and I don't know if you will read it all, but I do hope you will.

Abortion is a highly difficult and emotive subject to resolve.

On the one hand someone who has sex minus taking precautions and becomes pregnant should know better and be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I am not simply talking in the order of the girl but the boy too.

It takes two to tango and it is as much the responsibility of the male to ensure that an unwanted pregnancy does not take place as it is the female.

With all the different forms of contraception available in a minute, before, during and after sex there is unquestionably no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy to occur.

Any couple who indulge in sex and don't want it to result surrounded by a pregnancy but still do not take precautions are in my scenery acting selfishly and are very immature.

On the other foot when a girl becomes pregnant we must ask the question 'is it rational on the unborn child to be brought into the world and possibly ending up unloved, uncared for and probably have to be taken away from the mother because of this'?

The answer is it is probably a kindness to terminate it back that happens.

Many couples find they are pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy and the mother decide to keep the baby. In copious cases she loves and cares for her child as the child should be and I have zilch but admiration for those mothers.

There are so many things to consider on the subject of unwanted pregnancy that it is impossible to air them all here, but one item that makes me really seethe is when a girl become pregnant but the father refuses to take any responsibility for it, or help with the care and upkeep of both the toddler and the mother while she is caring for 'their' child.

In many cases the father's parents place adjectives the blame on the girl and basically says she deserves everything she get for allowing 'herself' to get into the situation. This too is a childish, immature and a totally wrong attitude to purloin because it is as much the father's fault as the mother's.

There are millions of couples who are desperate for a child and are trying everything they can, often undergo embarrassing and painful medical procedures surrounded by an attempt to have a child of their own.

Those couples who simply refuse to purloin precautions to prevent an unwanted pregnancy should spare a thought for them and not be so selfish and stupid.

My wife and I wanted a child and we go through a great many embarrassing procedures surrounded by order to try to have a child. On one instant my wife was in hospital for an operation and be put into a ward with seven very infantile girls who were all within for abortions. Each of these had become pregnant because they, or their partner did not bother to protect against it. One was even boasting something like it and said she could not wait to get out and catch pregnant again.

How do you think my wife felt self in a ward with seven uncharitable girls who were in for abortions because of the childish track they and their respective partners acted, while she was in that praying for the operation to be a success so she could have a tot we could love and cherish?

If a woman is raped and because of that rape she becomes pregnant then she should and I believe does own the right to insist that that baby is aborted. This I believe is beyond doubt the correct.

I also believe that the RC Church is very, very wrong within their outdated and draconian insistence that there should be no contraception available to those who follow the RC faith. A great copious of those who live in third world countries are Catholic and they too are not allowed to use contraception. We see day by day what is happening to the people living surrounded by those countries. Is it Christian to force these people into having babies they cannot nurture and care for? In fact does God want this?

If you did handle to read all this, thank you.

I think its the business of the poor devils involved that own to make the decision......I deduce that's hard a task plenty without adding the piss and bile that comes from the Anti's.....that's my assessment.
LOL--ok, troll.
Whether or not I agree is really not an issue. I do not feel that any government/country should tell a women whether or not she can abort. It is not a soul else's business.
A women, along with her doctor are the ones who must decide.
If the women is involved surrounded by a relationship/marriage/de facto --then the decision must be made between her and her partner.
Lol Nope:)
No, I don't agree with abortion. But I also don't agree that the government can bring up to date a person what she can or cannot do with her own body.
"I also don't agree that the government can tell a being what she can or cannot do with her own body"
I am so f**king sick of this bs argument. We are talking give or take a few a life not a nose piercing..WTF are we 15??

Keep your legs shut, hold your d**k in your pants, and if that doesn't work try oral. No one have ever gotten pregnant from swallowing. Source(s): 2 kids, neither born under "the right circumstances"
Yes, its better than giving birth to an unwanted child and putting it through heated trauma.
WHY. WON'T. YOU. DIE? Source(s): I've fought mud crabs more fearsome than you! Of course not. I want women to use coat hangers like the obedient ol' days. Source(s): sarcasm
its a tough one but i'd only agree to it in special suitcase such as rape.
Yes I do.

Poseidon 'With all the different forms of contraception available immediately, before, during and after sex there is positively no excuse for an unwanted pregnancy to occur.'

That's absolute bollocks. I don't know of any contraception that's 100% forceful. I didn't want to get pregnant, therefore I used condoms. Unfortunately the condom burst so I go to get the morning after pill as soon as the chemist opened surrounded by the morning. I then assumed that I would be protected as I had taken it as soon as possible, but I be wrong I still ended up pregnant.

I had be careful, taken precautions, but they failed. So I have a termination.
100% Why should you have to make a commitment to a orb of cells just because you have sex?
You already know you are going to acquire a very mixed group of answers so why bother asking something like that?! Source(s): ANNOYED WITH TROLLS. GO BACK UNDER YOUR BRIDGE.
Ti's the woman's choice Source(s): Experience

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