Is a thrash endorsed to pass surrounded by public within the uk?

Trying to figure out, in england - as fancy dress or doesn`t matter what, is a whip legal to get in public or would it be classed as an offensive weapon?

(specifically this one)…
no you want to apply for your dominatrix license.
seriously why would you want to carry a whip surrounded by public anyway??!?!
You will disrespect the fashion police because Mike Dundee has be passe since the 80's
you probably can bring a plastic replica of the real thing for holloween |(ive see those and they look stupid anyway.

The xmen edwards scissorshands variety looked mildly avant garde with the right pelt styling and face makeup.

Stay current and dont fall put money on into old characters for your fancy dress designs.
That's pretty.

Technically it might be called an offensive weapon but I can't consider what kind of uptight jobsworth would ever take exception to you carrying one as a toy.
As far as i know it is ok,it is not illegal to own one and it is lawful to use one on a person with consent,and it is permissible for horse riders to use them and carry them around so i can't see how it would be a problem until it was used as a weapon and as that is to say not your intention you should be ok.
I'll carry your whip. Ouch!

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