What are the benefits of owning a organ donor card?

No benefits at all.
It's similar to giving blood -- others benefit, you don't.

I have a creepy feeling that have desirable organs coupled with an organ donor card might just tip the go together when it comes to deciding whether or not to resuscitate. I have no evidence that medical practitioners would be swayed by such unworthy motives, but I can't serve thinking of what goes on in China.
Society benefits, you don't. You do be paid decisions easier for your next of kin.
You basically get the satisfaction of prearranged your saving someone else and giving them a fighting haphazard I think of it as I am saving someone else and helping their relations from going through the pain of losing the person they love and it's not approaching I will need my organs when I am dead:] Source(s): I discern good about making the choice to back someone else when the time comes
You get no benefits whatsoever from carrying an organ donor card.

You might get pretty a lot of benefit one day from someone else carrying an organ donor card.
None and if heaven forbid you enjoy an accident and they find it on you in A & E they won't argument for your life. If you can find an honest Doctor he will tell you this.
I think being a accurate citizen is a wonderful thing, alas some what lacking where on earth I live.

I live in London, I was registered for a decade, I've signed out in a minute of the programme.

I ride motorcycle so a prime candidate to be a corpse.
To you none whatsoever, to the soul or persons receiving your organs eveything. Source(s): adjectives sense
Absolutely none excluding the thought you might save a child's life, grant someone the gift of sight, or allow another entity to not to be chained to a dialysis machine for the rest of their existence. The lists are endless.

You don't "own" a donor card. It is merely a mode of letting the medics know you are registered as a donor and they have legal authorization to harvest your organs for transplants.


I've been surrounded by countries where people can be remunerated for donating blood and, all though most countries would deny it officially, where on earth there is a black market within human organs. Not good places to be poor or ill.
A warm fuzzy consciousness inside.

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