Should smoking become evil?

What's your opinion?
Yeah, smoking is a waste of money, damages health that consequently the governement(us) have to pay for, consequently even if we dont smoke there is passive smoking , its a stupid thingy really :)

Banning alcohol within the United States was not a great success to put it mildly.

Making smoking criminal anywhere is unlikely to be a success either.
It would be nice, but I can see how it would become a problem for those that smoke. I've had too tons experiences trying to hold my breath in downtown, or swear when a random being starts smoking near my house, and the tobacco wafts into my windowpane. (I can't keep them closed all the time because of ventilation)

I don't vigilance if other people smoke, but what I do care is that others who don't should be capable of breathe fresh air. Second hand smoke is really annoying and inconsiderate. I've have a few family members die because of cigarettes, and that made me really angry and upset. They could've done so much more if they stopped smoking...

If society object to my views, consequently an alternative suggestion is to create a special smoking helmet where you can light your cigarette in need causing secondhand smoke. The helmet would prevent tobacco from escaping, but would also allow oxygen to go contained by, so the smoker doesn't faint. Also, it would be designed so it's cool and fashionable. Kinda close to a biker helmet with some extra stuff stuck to it. Source(s): My brain
No, it's an illiberal proposal. The state should not remove liberty simply over questionable morality.
No - making smoking illegal is singling out one section of the community over others.

Other things are at lowest as detrimental to other people's health and comfort. eg people going to unusual places for holidays could bring final nasty infectious diseases as do those going abroad for surgery - afterwards are a huge burden on the health services. Should foreign holidays be made illegal too?
I'm all for that hypothesis as it would be probably mean me paying less for cigarettes once the government's filch is taken off the price.
No. All the non-smokers need to be aware their taxes are going through the roof on something they may enjoy close to a Diet Coke, candy bar, Twinkie or hamburger or whatever. Lots of taxes are collected by the Federal and State government on cigarettes. All kinds of kids low income health insurance, school, etc. They will come looking for everyone to pay more then. No gratitude.
i dont like sigs but the old intention to smoke was to keep bugs away but ya here bad but so is soda candy beer but we do it because it feels suitable
Yea, Right after we make unnecessary wars dishonest. Lets face it, in Britain you are more probable to die from the incompetence of some third world which doctor who works on the cheap for the NHS than you are from smoking.
Taken from a rational, bare and realistic point of view, whether you smoke or not here is no defence for it being permitted.

It kills smokers.

It kills innocent bystanders.

It is an addictive narcotic.

It is anti-social, smokers smell and their breath is repugnant.

Smoking encourage lack of respect for others an selfishness.

It is ecologically unsafe.

If you still smoke knowing all this you seriously need relief.
Nope, especially not surrounded by the USA. A good chunk of our economy relies on smokers to pay envelope outrageous taxes on cigarettes and die (or need expensive medical care) of smoking related illnesses.
No...I like a ciggie. It is my only vice and I delight in it!
Pubs should be able to decide if they need to provide a room for customers who wish to smoke, rather than bring dictated to.
No, though I am a former smoker myself and own lost family members due to the addiction, I do not believe we should steal the right of adults to live a lifestyle they choose. I wrote an article and, a memorandum to my state Assemblyman sometime ago about the black market that develops when we hold high taxation on goods or prohibit them entirely. If we remark the "black market" of a high school we would pocket notice that marijuana is the most dealt drug within the school. Reason being is that it is dubious, therefore more accessible to the hands of children. What is strong to come by though can still be found is tobacco and alcohol. Like I tell everybody it is harder for a 15 year old kid to draw from a six pack of beer then it is for him to get an eight globe of coke in his own high conservatory.
Odd we want to ban cigarettes and legalize pot. i speak No.

I can't believe that in this day and age near all the science available it is still legal to smoke and poison. It should be debarred; along with alcohol and junk foods.

But cannabis, LSD, cocaine and heroine should be trial as it has been proven that these are not as detrimental as once thought.

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