My friend be income support and child benefit and they over payed her on one of them so that be 6yrs ago?

they have now get a debt agency on her saying they want payment surrounded by full but within 2 days she got the missive yesterday and want payment on monday 26th 2010 i read that they aren't allowed to ask for it back after 6yrs down the row is this true norude answers please only sensible ones thank you
the certainty is they owe this money so it has to be paid but share your friend that all Debt Agency try this trick about getting the money compensated up i full
all your friend need do is contact them and vote i can only afford lb5 a month and they will have to adopt it Source(s): my head
In honesty they would not as a rule send it to debt collectors who would demand full reward without first trying to contact your friend and letting her know of the overpayment and the fact that they call for to reclaim it back. By law they hold to be the first point of contact to inform her of the error, they would then offer her the opportunity to any pay it back surrounded by full or to have it deducted out of her income to income it back over time. Are you sure that your friend has not have any correspondence from them, and then only simply heard of it from the debt collection company? I am not being rude I of late find that hard to believe as it is strange to say the smallest. She should contact the benefit agency first of all if they did not inform her and make arrangements to take-home pay back the money she had rewarded to her. It is true that if there is a debt after 7 years with no correspondence that it can not officially be enforced, but this is only 6 years and as it is social fund it would not apply as it is money owed to the government
The UK Government can ask for money owed from however long they want. I know someone man chased by them for a debt from 20 years ago. In all honesty they would have contacted her themselves first since sending in debt collectors.
They certainly can not one and only ask for but demand the money back.

As to the two days concentration - I don't believe that. However if that was in reality the case then you (sorry she) wishes to contact them to arrange more time to pay it back.
Your friend needs to contact any a solicitor or the Citizen's Advice Bureau NOW. She shouldn't wait to deal next to this matter or ignore it as it may affect her rights. Good luck and God bless.
I like others here are surprised in that has not been correspondence
first,between her and DWP.But yes they can constraint the money

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