I get a Litter Fine please assistance?

I recently got fined lb75 for littering and i own four days left to pay which I can exstend so that I would hold another fourteen days on top of that. I manage to afford them a very old address I've move three times since next. Do you think i would be ok not to pay the fine because they hold the wrong address or would they go out of their way to find me.

Thanks adjectives answers appreciated
Why should we help an obnoxious litter lout?

This may well lock in up with you at some point, especially if you tangle beside the Police again, and you will then get two more fines - one for failing to money the first one and one for giving a false address.

Having a record for giving false details can make it tough to get bail - if you ever get arrested for something where on earth a person would normally obtain bail straight away, you may well spend some time in the cell instead until the Police are fully satisfied they have your valid address, etc, and that you will not abscond.
If you don't pay the fine there is a possibility you will be summonsed to court, where on earth if you are found guilty you can expect a court enforced fine on top of the lb75 ticket.

On the spot penalty fines are the natural option. Take it and forget about the thing. Messing about over it will not make things any easier.

Is it ok not to settle it because they have the wrong address? No it's not! You deliberately give them a false address that you no longer live at! Think about it for a moment, you've possibly got let or taken to the extreme perverting the course of justice to add on to a poxy littering ticket presently.
They will not waste time and money on such a pastry matter but you will be in the computers and the amazingly next time you do anything wrong up it will pop..not the fine , but the penalty for not paying it and for giving false information roughly your address..which is rather more serious. I would pay it and be done, but if you are relatively sure that you are never going to get arrested again for anything..make your own choice.
by giving them a false address you have made this fine 10 times worse...trust me they will find out its fake if you dont salary, they will have your correct address and you can expect to have a much larger fine.

that be not a clever idea, i suggest you pay the fine earlier they find out you gave a false address, cos if you pay it and they discover that they wont do anything purely change it to your correct address and probably forget about it, but if you havent salaried trust me they will LOVE the idea of throwing more fines at you and taking you to court.
If they do persue this then the cost of locating you at your current address will also be added to the bill as well as any other expencies they have to pay.

If the matter is passed onto a debt collection agency next the cost will sky rocket.

If you owe them money agencies will chase you to the ends of the earth to get what you owe them. Strange how when it is the other channel round they don't tend to bother so much.
You are a lout. Pay the fine

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