Disadvantages of the golden rule and the mischief rule?

Isn't the Golden Rule not to be caught getting up to Mischief?

Or is the Mischief rule not be be caught with the gold?

I can never take back.

No, hold on - I remember now: the Golden Rule is "he who has the gold ingots, makes the rules"
No disadvantages of the Golden rule but is one of respect, to treat others as you wish to be treated. I guess problem could be if others don't do indistinguishable back and in that luggage you just cut them out a bit more as everyone needs to be treated beside respect.

Not sure of any mischief rule. I've heard of Peter's prniciple (promoted to level of incompetence) and consequently there is a rule, Murphy's Law that if anything bad can step wrong, it will. But never heard of Mischief rule.

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