Was the UK policeman who assaulted a prisoner jailed for longer because the casualty be womanly?

and therefore often considered superior contained by the eyes of the law
Why do family who know nothing of the circumstances make comments resembling 'she may have had it coming' ? Doesn't it go on to these people that there are within the police too many thugs in uniform most of which is down to the poor talent of management.? Six months is not long as civilians have have longer jail sentences for less serious assaults.
This sentence has zilch to do with the fact his victim's womanly, it's unacceptable for police officers to behave contained by this way regardless.
At the very least possible this officer should have been charged beside ABH, rather than assault. The fact the object sustained a gash above her right eye, requiring stitches means ABH would be a much more appropriate. If this had be the other way round and the Police officer sustained such injury it’s highly expected a charge of GBH would have been pressed. Once again this is further evidence the CPS are any massively incompetent or corrupt.
No, because he was caught. I get kicked unconscious by the police after being arrested for drunkenness. Actually, it be an adverse reaction to medication. Still, not even an apology. Just a threat of an assault charge if I spoke about it. Fined lb3, no account. We call it a cover up.

He was jailed because he assaulted a prisoner and stupidly, be caught on camera doing so.
She may well have have it coming and probably brought it on herself, but our police should be demonstrably accountable and themselves subject to the laws of this country.

Of course, we could other revert to medieval nonsense like Sharia Law or public stonings.
I'm sure the judge made it plain when sentencing what had lead him to impose the sentence he did. The CCTV footage shows a strong young man dragging a middle aged woman smaller and weaker than himself along the floor. This be not an aggressive thug of a woman who was putting up resistance -- she had be found sleeping in her car while somewhat the worse for drink. The officer know perfectly well how to manipulate such situations without humiliating and injuring the person concerned.

It is an indication of the strength of the UK ruling enforcement system that a policeman who abuses his position is not above the law. That, terribly, is not true everywhere in the world.
Jailed for longer, 6 months, are you being silly he was a serving Police officer who assaulted somebody, male or womanly makes no difference, he should have get at least 3 years.
I do not beleive the sex of the victim have any bearing on the sentence.

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