Can work sack me if i catch a sick make a note of ?

ok ive worked for my company for nearly 5 years ever since i came back sour mat leave and went section time it seems like in attendance doing everything to get rid of me! im under so much pressure that adjectives i do in work is cry !

ive took one period of sickness sour (lasted two days ) in 12 mths but now i give attention to i may need to get a sickline for depression stress aniexty i cry going to work within work i take hot flushes just getting close to the door avoid everyone within the place my patner says im getting very tempermental snapping at the tinest piece i cant sleep but im terrified of getting a sickline incase they find a way to sack me because of it i have need of some input form you guys !

have an appointment for doc next week
i understand where you are coming from, but you really have need of to learn how to deal near stress in a much better way
surrounded by a way you have made your self below par
if your Doctor advises you to take time past its sell-by date then do so Source(s): my head
Here's a newsflash for you...

A make a note of from the doctor only works in institution. In the real world, it's only worth the serious newspaper that it's printed on.

The only way you can't be fired for self "ill" is if your condition is classified as a handicap or disability. Then the company has to make "restrained accommodations" for your disability.
Sounds similar to you should find another job if it is that bad. That is if nearby are any.

Here in the colonies, you cannot fire someone for being sick. If you do, they can sue and win.

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