Is it right to desribe our Police contained by these Terms?. I am saddened.?

Referring to our PCSOs , a comment was," When I was youthful the Criminals hid from the Police,but now The Police secrete from The Criminals.". I am sure the statement is from a biased observor.
If there is any truth in such an close watch ,why impose more Cuts in their Numbers ?
Yes it is undeniably true. They are less than pathetic. The highly worst police force in Europe. Try calling them, tell them your whit British and there's someone threatening you near a gun, and stand by to time their arrival.....You'll need lots of coffee and a sleeping bag. BUT, burn a copy of the Koran and they'll be on your vertebrae before the smoke has cleared.
this could be a statement that could be accurate. With few police and rising crime they maynot want to go into certain places at darkness.

More and more people don't honor the law and cheer criminals on. That make it harder to enforce the law. This is an attitude of the populace and that is passed on to kids.
They are not hiding from them. This is a police tactic call 'Spying'. Observation is very important surrounded by police work. Our sergeant used to say 'Observe this' as he flicked a sugar cube into his tea from over his shoulder in the canteen. nine out of ten times he would miss but- we observed the certainty. Some wrote in down in their notebook.
Our local PCSO's with the sole purpose appear on Sunday daytimes, they have a nice wander round doing a bit of porthole shopping and then you never see them again

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