What are the law contained by england if someone steal photos of your computer and threatens to post them?

Are they allowed to get away with that can u press charges against them
Why do you have photos of your computer? And what kind of computer is it that photos of it will lead to damage to you?
How the images are stolen is will give a hand determine which laws will apply.

Threatening to post images can be considered blackmail, more than ever if there is a financial objective, or try to get you to do something that you don't want to do, or a sexual favour.
Then here is the theft itself -- did it require a break in, or electronic tamper.
First, your computer must be dear to you if you don't want pictures of it posted.

Second, an individual within England cannot press charges, only the Crown Prosecution Service can do that.

Third, where is he going to post them, I could do next to a laugh.

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