Should the tv licence be scrap and hold ad on BBC Radio's 1, 2 and 3 to nouns it instead?

No - it's the one sane point about BBC, that I'm not being irritated by screamingly shrill ads every 15 minutes.
Maybe there should be a subscription alternative to use the BBC network thus doing away with the compulsory purchase of the television licence instead of being forced to buy it even if you never keep under surveillance their channels.

Radio 1 & 2: There isn't adequate money to go around in the commercial radio sector as it is. Large numbers of stations are not quite managing to scrape by. Increasing numbers of "local stations" can only survive as computer controlled "jukeboxes" broadcast from a broom-cupboard surrounded by a city sometimes many hundreds of miles away, with as little as a couple of hours a light of day of local content.

Add into two 800 pound gorillas to soak up advertising revenues and sizeable numbers of stations will go to the wall.

Radio 3: Some of the audiences are so small they are barley measurable. Things such as live performances are also very expensive. The station wouldn't survive as a commercial service. However, that doesn't propose it doesn't provide an important service that many family value highly. If you construe Classic FM and Radio 3 are in anyway similar, you simply don't understand the issue.
No, because sponsors and advertisers would expect to exert some control over programme content.
No thank you, it's bad satisfactory on ClassicFM interrupting the music, lets at least own some radio stations where we don't have to listen to inane advert.

Quite apart from the inane advertisements, the BBC's editorial line and competence would be compromised as they became beholden to advertisers' demands.

It's bad adequate that the music policy is subject to contractual demands, any further would reduce the quality of broadcasting tremendously.
totally. I hate the fact that we are forced to money for something that we may not even want to use! We pay for the privalege of watching our sky channels, if you want to see something on bbc i think it should be in a roll as well, or they should just lay it on thick on the channels instead of making us pay for something, when we hold to pay a price every month for what we do want

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