Is my work lawfully allowed to do this?

I work 30 hours in an NHS hospital my actual work days are every day but a Wed. When I own had time off sick I am asked to count my afternoon off plus weekends if the sickness goes over the weekend.

e.g. Say I enjoy a week off, which is a Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri that would be classed as 5 days and not 4, same as if I went bad sick on a Fri and had a week that would be classed as 10 days rather than 5 because they would count my Wed rotten and the two weekends. Can they legally do this? When I book a weeks holiday off I would singular book 4 days not 5! it makes my sickness record look awful!
I suspect you're another work-shy public sector free-loader, so I welcome them clamping down on you.
Unfortunately yes. If you are sick both sides of a day, or days, when you are not working, after those days are counted as part of your sick absence. It is, however, a two edge sword, in that, if you are sick whilst on annual leave, you ring within sick, and still get credited with the annual head off at a later date.
yes I'm afraid it sounds right, I work for the MOD and its like peas in a pod, if you are sick before and after your days off, the days rotten in the middle are also counted as sick, if I was sick adjectives week ie mon-frid but was going to go vertebrae to work on the following monday, if I ring in on the saturday stating I was fit for work, afterwards that weekend wouldnt count, obviously not if you were continuing the following week.
It is really annoying and I agree it does make sick records look worse than they if truth be told are.

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