Do you estimate that this is a scam? Please support!?

I have edited the coontact details, but the company is based within China and seems reputable. Do you think it might be a scam and if so what could travel wrong?

Dear Mr/Mrs, xxxxxx Co. is a supplier and manufacturer in China dealing within all kind of electronics resembling,High Media Players,we want a Representatives who can be a medium`of getting to our customers as well as making payments through you to us without quitting your other job.

If you are interested, Send the below info to Human Resource officer: Dr.Khan () NAME: SEX: AGE: ADDRESS: PHONE:

Note: Compensation is lb400 Weekly or 8% of every payment you receive on behalf of this company which ever you choose. Mrs. Zuleika AnitaHuman Resource Dept
Old scam. People still fall over for it. You get a worthles check, cash it, telecommunication them the money less your commission. Then you are stuck with the charge hindmost on the bad check. You MAY be criminally charged. Stay out of this kind of piece.
this is what is called a Nigerian scam. You will receive a check for merchandise and you deposit it to your account and transport balance to them. The check will bounce a d you are out whatever you sent as you own to repay all to the bank.

There is no customer and no product. It is a adjectives scam.

Sorry but you need to delete those emails or letters. I seize a bunch of them a day. Some look for your personal information by saying you won $500 contribution certificate from a reputable store. All fake.
The scam works like this. they deal in something, you get the money and pay it into their report, they do not send the item, so you end up have to repay the buyer out of your own pocket
I help patrol boards for scams within my spare time.This one is a SCAM.You can generally tell when they ask for your information resembling that.Please disreguard them.
a scam perpetrated against the stupid.....let assume you get a good check for ten thousand are supposed to keep hold of 800 as commission and forward ninty-two hundred.....i'm keeping the ten really think a guy name Fong Li, president of xxxxxx Co. hired someone named Mrs. Anita Zuleika to work in the human resource department...
I would articulate SCAM they are just after your details and to see how gullable you are to see what they can get from you contained by the future.

also what are there contact details,the easier scam to spot are with there email address.Ones with yahoo,live,hotmail and so on are scams.Any reputable company will own a company email account (any half witted character can spot a proper business account).

Any real and reputable company will have a proper address near contact details.
They should have a website.
And always do checks on the internet for reviews something like the company,no reviews usually means not legite
It is difficult to believe that some people are still falling for scams resembling this.

There is an easy way to enlighten:

1. Does it look like a duck?
2. Does it walk approaching a duck?
3. Does it swim like a duck?
4. Does it quack like a duck?

Surprise, surprise!

Is this a situation you had applied for? If not, then it is a SCAM.
99% chance that it is. And if you didn't request the information or you aren't a big name contained by the marketing business you get the other 1%.
Total scam. Reputable companies don't just ramdomly contact people and ask if you'd approaching to represent them.
This is a scam. What will happen is theyll ask you to pay packet cheques into your bank as payment for the produce and then send the salary onto them by western union. You pay the cheques surrounded by and within 4 days the balance shows, you draw out the money and distribute it to them less your commission. Shortly after you either receive a visit at home from some men in suits beside a search warrant and handcuffs because the cheques be stolen / forged and youre being charged with money launder, or you end up on the hook to the tune of several thousand to your bank because the cheques be drawn on foreign bank accounts and have bounced, nonetheless because they werent presented for payment immediately your edge didnt know this until after it had shown the payment cleared into your be a foil for within the specified cheque-clearing time period within their policies Source(s): professional experience (not scamming but locking up scammers)
Off course it is a scam for crying out loud.

that's as dodgy as a lb6 note
scam one big scam
Yes, this is a scam.
They will convey you counterfeit checks and ask you to IMMEDIATELY wire them the money less your commission. So YOU are on the hook to try to if truth be told get the funds from a false check. The wire cannot be tracked on the other pause.
Classic internet scam.
There is more and more of this lately because the crooks know that a lot of people are out of work and desperate to find a chore. Source(s): experience.

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