Not for supply within UK...?

I recently purchased a video game from On the spinal column of the case it says 'Not for supply within UK'. I have contacted them about this but I am wondering would slit the original seal affect anything? I really want to play it. If I be to get a refund would I inevitability to send the game stern? Also the game does work in the UK but it is of late illegal to supply it here. Thanks.
Your contract is with the shop. As long as the activity works, there is no problem. If it doesn't work, you can take it put a bet on to the shop and ask for your money back or for a replacement that does work in the UK.

If the shop is selling stock that it is not allowed by the manufacturer to put up for sale in the UK, that is something the businesswoman will have to take up beside the shop. It's not your problem.
What game and for what platform?

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