Washing electrical device vanished at previous property legally recognized counsel..?

I rented a student house run by the universities tenancy organization with a few other people. While I be at the property I purchased a washer/dryer for us to use. A year has passed and we have moved out and some first years enjoy moved in. My intentions were to embezzle the washing machine support when I came back to uni this year. I go to the university and they say that I cannot have it put a bet on and I am not allowed in to retrieve it. Is within any way I can get the wash machine back? I enjoy all receipts etc and it was purchased below my name. The new tenant are using the washing machines (they have not disposed of it).
They're viewing it as abandoned property.

In the United States, you own 90 days to claim such property, after which the people may keep the property. A manager isn't required to store your goods forever at no cost.

I don't know what the rule is in the UK.
There is an element of truth beside regard to "abandoning and storage" - but anything that is you can only do the following. > Write to the creature in charge overall, NOT some underling, say >
I own the piece of equipment, i have proof of ownership, I have taken allowed advice and I have a right to MY property rear legs. I hereby request that I be permitted to collect my property within one week. If you do not permit this i will verbs a case in the civil court for a magistrates direction.
I want to resolve this matter amicably.
i look forward to a solution asap.
Your tenancy presumably ended surrounded by (say) June.

You left the property and then it be re let.

At what point did you inform the University that you wished them to store your stock or that you wanted to retrieve them?
Having said all that, the University doesn't simply acquire possession of your stock my some form of osmosis.
The problem is they will say the goods be abandoned and once you ended the letting your be obligated to clear your stuff or it would be treated as abandoned.

So, whilst you may have a claim contained by law (to the value of second appendage washing machine worth sod all) you may preference to consider whether it's worth the aggro? Source(s): I'm a lawyer
Nope. You solitary it
do you hold the bill of proof
contact legal advice, it's yours and you want it hindmost and make it clear, you never abandoned it. You departed it with every intention of collecting it after you had transport available.

shift to the shop and see if they have a record and proof of purchase... nil in black and white in directive and the UNI are not above the law and in your eyes. In verbs of stolen property...

fight it, even go to your local tablecloth and embarrass them if legal advice fail you

......................................… what the so called lawyer & top contributor never said be. your argument is common law and your property be in effect stolen, so it falls under adjectives law. Did the landlord contact you within writing & give you 30 days notice to remove said property if, you have a case of cat-burglar. does it say anywhere in the contract you first signed, you must remove adjectives property after your CONTRACT was up. If not you have a covering.

plus remember and no lawyer will tell you this!

when you attain a lawyer YOU ARE BEGGING!
plus your also making your self in the eyes of a court to be a CHILD!

you see we are adjectives bigger than the court and when we get a lawyer we become smaller than the court. Just approaching you are bigger than any lawyer.... FACT!

They don't tell you this, as this is how they be paid all their devise money though your ignorance.....

Did you work it out with the park lord in advance? Ask them if it be OK to leave the washer/dryer there for the summer consequently come back and get it? Probably not. (And most promising the land lord would not have agreed to that since they be going to rent the property back out).

It does not matter what your intention be. The land lord is not required to store your property for you after your lease is over and you move it. And the land lord for sure is not required to store your property for free over the summer. If you want a place to store your property - you rent a storage unit.

As such, it's abandon property and the park lord left it for the new tenant to use.
The land lord could have merely thrown it away.

Take it as a lesson learned and move on.

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