What are my rights? [ self contained by consideration ]?

well basically i am within care and so are my broithers and sisters, i have an elder sister (18) and 3 younger brothers (0 - 13) they are in caree as well bt the social serveses are trying to put my youngest brother up for adoption . . he is 9 months . . please can any one transmit me if there is any thing i can do to prevent that from happeninbg because i would not know how to see him untill i turn 18. also what are my rights if ther are any for this situation :) thanks fgor reading . .
As he is too little, so he will be in better meticulousness if adopted.
Don’t worry, transport the contact number and visit him in a regular interval
Best of luck
Why would you want to prevent him from have a family? Your sister can try to get custody of him, or some other relative, that would be the one and only way to prevent him from growing up with parents.

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